Our solutions for your HR

What we can do for you


We find applicants for any jobs according to your requirements. Our commission is arranged in advance in case of taking up an applicant in your team  

Personnel Audit

We will audit labour law documentation related to the Labour Code changes. We will calculate and propose the optimization of expanses and the possibility of savings. We will try to uncover hidden reserves of your company and solve the identified issues together.


We arrange the widespread advertising of a job, and introduce you all relevant applicants. This solution is suitable for a job which requires to take up more employees, as the commission is charged together for a job, not for an accepted applicant. 

HR Outsourcing

Do you temporarily need to cover the increased recruiting activity? Do you need to tailor your HR solution? Do you need to review the current solutions and to set the new ones? Our consultants are here at your service, for the hourly rate. 

Labour law consultancy

We are on the phone in case of your questions concerning labour law and relating issues of contracts. We can help to solve an unexpected labour law issue, just call!

KEEP UP WITH TIMES. We will tailor your carrier spot. Externí personalista and experienced movie cameramen can make the tool that helps you to speak to applicants, where your company, your products or services and your working environment can be introduced within a few minutes. Possible job applicants will get a chance to take a look into your company, and they can become motivated to apply for jobs.

Tvorba karierního videa na míru
Tvorba karierního videa na míru