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The company Externí personalista s.r.o. was established in 2015 and from the beginning its mission is to provide comprehensive services in the field of HR. Over time, we have been joined by HR specialists experienced in the full range of expertise required by human resources. We can search for candidates, employ them, board them, create talent management systems tailored to motivational cafeterias, but we can also lay off employees and provide legislative support to the entire HR process. We write contracts, directives, audit existing documentation, processes, team composition, employee satisfaction and, of course, company management. We create tailor-made HR departments for start-ups, we review existing HR processes when the company's situation changes, we implement attendance systems, we calculate wages.

Our consultants are at your disposal.

Mgr. Petra Vodičková, Co-Founder & CEO

"I am independent HR professional with 10+ years of experience in whole range of human resources issues. Business development, headhunting, recruiting, consulting, HR process auditing and providing help with HR issues to any company that needs." 

Mgr. Oto Vodička, Co-Founder

"I graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, but my big hobby has always been, is and will be HR, meeting new people, whom I like to help find a new job and companies to find suitable employees again."

Ing. Radka Jircová

I have been working in the field of HR since 2017, I mainly focus on training and development of employees. I also have experience with the overall agenda of internal HR. At the same time, I also work as a lecturer and trainer. I have always enjoyed working with people. I am convinced of the importance of the work that HR does, because people are the most valuable thing any company can have.

Mgr. Zdeňka Tučková

"Why am I doing human resources? Because I enjoy it. It is diverse, varied, evolving, challenging, it forces me to look for new perspectives and procedures. It is changing just as people are changing, and what was "IN" years ago is now "OUT". I believe that people are the key to a company's success. My experience is diverse, from buying media space and time, through sales and sales management, to human resources. At present, I consider it important not only how to find new people, but especially how to keep them in the long run. I don't think people, relationships and life are black and white, and every situation has a solution."